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Scalar Topological Visualisation

Scalar Topological Visualization

Once the contour tree has been computed, it can be used as the basis for user interfaces for scalar fields (most typically in 3D).
This is effective because branches in the tree correspond to features in the data, an observation that is crucial for visualization.

Flexible Isosurface Interface

Of course, this involved solving secondary problems, such as simplification of the contour tree (IEEE Visualization 2019 Test of Time Award):

Contour Tree Simplification

and layout algorithms for displaying large contour trees:

Contour Tree Layout

But led to further interfaces, supporting direct volume rendering:

Contour Tree Layout

and level set segmentation:

Contour Tree Layout

Other Research Topics:

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Isosurface Acceleration
Isosurface Quality
Direct Volume Rendering
Histograms and Isosurfaces
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Authors from VCG

Hamish Carr