tom kelly

lecturer: School of Computing
room: 2.04e Bragg building
links: github, LinkedIn, publications

I’m a visually oriented software engineer and researcher – along the way I’ve invented new geometric primitives, patented inventions, published in top graphics and ML journals, have international industry and academic careers, written chunks of CityEngine, and CTO’d a interactive video startup.

Currently I’m a lecturer at the School of Computing at the University of Leeds. I teach comp2811 at Leeds and SWJTU. Previously I’ve been seen in Bristol, UCSC, Cambridge, Glasgow, ASU, Zurich and UCL.

Recent updates:

  • 2021:
    • £382,000 EPSRC grant Procedural Geometry for Humans awarded
    • NeurIPS paper accepted
    • 3DV paper accepted
    • ICCV paper accepted
    • Pacific Graphics 2021 paper accepted
  • 2020:

Other links: