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For almost four years after graduating from university, I worked as a software engineer in China. I have played with many programming languages and development frameworks.

AlphaGo, which defeated Go world champion Shishi Li in 2016, made me notice Artificial Intelligence for the first time. Since then I became very interested in this field and wanted to go back to school to learn about AI. Finally, I came to the University of Leeds to study a master course — Advanced Computer Science (Intelligent Systems) in September 2018.

Now I am honored to join the VCG research group as a PhD and try to transfer from an engineer to a good researcher. My main research areas are Deep Learning and Computer Graphics. Currently trying to use AI technology to bring new and more convenient ways for solving problems in computer graphics rendering and modeling.

Room: 6.20 EC Stoner
Phone: +44(0) 7422558461
Email: ml17j7z@leeds.ac.uk