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Jialin Zhu

I worked as a software engineer for several years after getting my bachelor's degree, and got strong coding skills with various programming languages (This is one product that includes lots of my code: Macgo Mac Blu-ray Player Pro).

I was really interested in how AlphaGo beat Sedol Lee in 2016, so I came to the University of Leeds to start my master program about Artificial Intelligence in September 2018.

Then I was honoured to join the VCG research group as a PhD student in December 2019 and began to transfer from an experienced engineer to a researcher. I am supervised by Dr. Tom Kelly, Dr. He Wang, and Prof. David Hogg.

My main research interest is to use AI technologies to create large-scale (aka theoretically infinite) virtual environments. I have extensive experience with 2D image generation using Deep Learning, especially for large images. I am working to explore the field of large-scale 3D model generation now. The knowledge I know covers a very wide range, from the Deep Learning application on Computer Vision to the procedural modelling, geometry processing, texturing, and rendering in traditional Computer Graphics (also includes previously accumulated skills like software engineering, big data system, etc.).

I am also a good runner (10k pb-36:39, half marathon pb-1:22:46, full marathon pb-2:56:36, and my Strava link), a home bartender, a mediocre photographer and a guitarist that can't play any chords but solos.


Room: 2.04, Sir William Henry Bragg Building
Email: /