Feixiang He

Room: 6.20 EC Stoner
Phone: +44(0) 786 418 8535
Email: scfh@leeds.ac.uk

About me

I am a PhD student in Visualization and Computer Graphics (VCG) Group, advised by Dr. He Wang. Before 2018 I worked in Nanyang Technological University, supervised by Dr. Gang Wang and Dr. Guosheng Lin. Prior to that, I worked with Prof. Zhisheng You and Prof. Qijun Zhao in Sichuan University, where I received my Master’s and Bachelor’s degrees.

Currently, my research mainly focuses on Crowd analysis and simulation. I am also interested in Computer Vision.


2020/05 One paper accepted in SIGGRAPH 2020



  • Feixiang He, Yuanhang Xiang, Xi Zhao, He Wang. “Informative Scene Decomposition for Crowd Analysis, Comparison and Simulation Guidance”. ACM SIGGRAPH Computer Graphics, 2020.
  • He Wang, Feixiang He, Zhexi Peng, Yongliang Yang, Tianjia Shao, Kun Zhou, David Hogg. “SMART: Skeletal Motion Action Recognition aTtack”. arXiv preprint.