Dody Dharma

Room: 2.04 Sir William Henry Bragg Building

Starting in 2019, I am a Postgraduate Researcher at Visualization and Computer Graphics Group , School of Computing , University of Leeds. For almost 5 years prior to that, I was part of the Informatics Research Group at ITB, Institut Teknologi Bandung – Indonesia.

Currently, I’m doing research on Real-time Unified Continuum (Fluid and Deformable Solid) Simulation using Deep Learning.  My research focuses on building Neural Network models to accelerate fully coupled fluids-deformable solids simulation for content in realtime application(e.g., AR,VR, or Games). My Supervisors are Dr.He Wang & Prof. Peter Jimack

Previously I worked on optimization of fluid simulation using Parallel Computing through GPU (Graphical Processing Unit). I received my bachelor & master degree in ITB.