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Hamish anointed an EG Fellow


Congratulations to Hamish who was anointed an EG Fellow this week.

EG's announcement follows.

Hamish Carr is currently a Senior Lecturer in the School of Computing at the University of Leeds, UK. He received a B.Sc.(Hons.) Mathematics in 1987 and a LL.B., Law in 1990 from the University of Manitoba, Canada before he moved into Computer Science receiving a Ph.D. from the University of British Columbia in 2004. Before he joined the University of Leeds in 2009, he was a Lecturer in Computer Science at the University College Dublin, Ireland. More recently, he was a Visiting Scientist in several national laboratories in the UK and the US.

Hamish’s research interests cover Scientific Visualization and Computer Graphics with a special focus on Computational Topology and Computational Geometry and he made many outstanding technical contributions. His work is characterized by advances in theory coupled with their embodiment in practical tools and applications to difficult problems in a range of application domains. His publications have attracted a number of Best Paper awards at IEEE VIS and other high quality conferences. Among his more than 50 publications listed on DBLP are 15 TVCG, 2 CGF and 6 EuroVis/VisSym papers.
Hamish is very well known and highly esteemed in the visualization community and thus widely active and internationally involved in program and conference committees and professional societies. Hamish is also a dedicated teacher with modules taught on various visual computing topics on all levels and he has supervised numerous students.

Hamish has served Eurographics in numerous ways including papers co-chair of EuroVis 2014/15 and Chairman of the Eurographics UK Chapter which he has steered through a constitutional change. Since 2015 he is contributing to the Association at a senior level as secretary of Eurographics.

Hamish Carr was elected Fellow of the Association in recognition of
1.    his high-quality research and technical achievements in visualization and computational topology and
2.    his contributions to Eurographics as author, program chair, and volunteer in the UK Chapter and in the Executive Committee.