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Page editing instructions

This page is a brief introduction to editing this wordpress install. Getting-started video

IT provides documentation. If you haven't used wordpress before and would like an introduction, get a password, and drop by tom's office with a laptop and I'll walk you through it. Otherwise, just stab likely looking buttons until it the damn thing does what you want.

Sign in at this url.

General editing notes:

  • Do not let the user's browser create cookies (GDPR requirements).
    • Scribd, Vimeo and Youtube all require tracking cookies. To use these we'd need to add unprofessional "COOKIES?" popups
    • I've been ebedding entire PDFs inside pages, rather than using scribd.
    • Embed youtube cookies with shortcodes to avoid youtube adding cookies for you:
  • Please don't upload big files (pdfs / code / data) to wordpress which can be stored elsewhere.
    • We do have 3gb+ of space, so uploading files for short periods of time is acceptable. But please ensure that non-transient data is...
    •  hosted by the library.
  • Link to white rose PDFs wherever possible (i.e. only upload a pdf for pre-publication; delete it when it hits white rose's index).
  • More links to our new website will improve our visibility to search engines.  Please consider linking to our site from your university jadu site as well as any other professional webpages you have.
  • I use the <h2> tag or "heading 2" for sub-page titles. This matches the various widgets.
  • Many of the below content types have the option of an representative image; if this is included, it is shown (and linked) on the demo-grids on the homepage and fullscreen thingy. It is followed by the option to include the representative image in the page being edited.

Please add content to the following sections:

  • People
    • please encourage your subordinates to add their information with a photo.
    • check you and all your subordinates (phds + postdocs) are present and have correct details re: name and position (Roy suggests using official university job titles - "research associate" rather than "postdoc").
    • Please add some sort of representative image for all people. Eventually I will try to take photos of everyone so we have vaguely the same style.
    • If you would like an internal project page like mine:
      • create or open your profile
      • if "Make this profile external" is selected, your photo will forward to the "external profile link" otherwise the internal page will be shown.
      • internal pages get a list of their associated projects at the bottom
    • There is no facility to document ex-members yet. Please add them and let me know.
    • The fields 'bibtex name' and 'bibtex url' are involved. They refer to the harvesting and formatting of the whiterose data presented on the publications page.
      • 'bibtex name' does search/replace on the publications page and forwards everything found this this profile (or external profile)
      • 'bibtex_url' is how we query whiterose for your papers.
        • This search in whiterose currently uses a "leeds CS"+name query for everyone but tom. So this can go wrong. So please add an Orcid ID your symplectic account. When the database updates it will then allow exact whiterose author look-ups. We can then update the "bibtex url" with this information.
        • The papercite plugin used doesn't like Whiterose's super-long URLs, so we use a url shortener ( on the white rose query urls. We can update them as whiterose picks up the orcid ids.
    • to show a profile elsewhere (such as the research areas page), enter a shortcode into the editor:

    • This generates the following

Roy Ruddle

    • The integer can be found from the URL on the edit-person page (35 in the case of Roy): 

    • to include all the author's publications on author's page, use the shortcode [ bibtex ]
  • Projects -  there is a 1:many relationship between projects and bibtex publications. There is a many:many relationship between people and projects.
    • this is a database which you populate with individual entries.
    • Here's an example of some of the different widgets you may chose to use available.
    • The line between "paper" and "project" is intentionally blurry (because of the white rose exclusivity issue). 
    • Please give a link to a white rose hosted pdf where possible
    • If you associate VCG authors with the the project, their profiles will appear at the bottom of the page, and on their internal profile pages.
    • Please add a featured image, it will look nice in the index. After uploading the image, create a square icon with the "post thumbnail editor", by selecting"sq512", drawing a square over your image, and clicking "crop and save".
    • We order the projects by post publication date (most recently first). Please set it to the approximate month/year the project took place. You can edit it at the top right of the project edit page.
    • Similarly, partners will be shown at the bottom of the projects page if the checkbox is selected. You may need to create any new partners:
  • Partners - this an umbrella term for funding bodies/collaborating orgs/affiliations
    • this is a database, which you populate with individual entries.
    • One you add a partner here, you'll be able to select it on a project page.
    • The shortcode [ all_partners ] generates a list of all partners
    • They are shown on the homepage, and this page.
  • Student projects -
    • this is just a simple page (not a database).
    • please edit the page to add more undergraduate projects.
    • send me the permission you got from the student and I'll collate for GDPR purposes.
    • note any prizes the project got. If we get a notable number of prizes I'll curate a list on the homepage.
  • PhD project ideas
    • this is just a simple page (not a database)
    • Roy/Hamish: pls confirm that the example projects I added are still valid.
    • Add any projects you have available to the page. Note the existing templates which use Accordion widgets, and include an email link.
    • Please update the description of the application process as you see fit.
  • Research areas
    • this is just a simple page (not a database)
    • check this is accurate & use profile shortcodes to add to the related-people lists.
  • News
    • Please add past and future events as database entries.
    • Let's make it someone's job to transcribe news from the meeting to this database.
  • Publication index.
    • this list is automatically pulled from whiterose - no editing is possible within wordpress, but you can set 'bibtex name' and 'bibtex url' in your profile to drop hints to the renderer.
    • a shortcode can be used to generate a list of your papers on any page you want. I used it to generate this page:

    • the file can be found on the bibtex url from your profile page (or omitted entirely on your profile page to show only your publications):
  • Grants
    • There is no mechanism to list grants at the moment. These are assumed to be linked to people, partners, and projects in complicated ways. Therefore, please list them manually on the individual pages as required.
    • If you want a central place to collect all the group's grants, you may add yours on the (semi-hidden) research summary page. When we have a bunch of examples we can discuss how best to present them.
  • Other pages
    • Arbitrary other Pages can be created on the Pages screen by clicking "add new".
    • This page is an example of such a page!
    • You are responsible for linking to these pages (i.e. from a project or personal page).
    • They are not secret; users can find them by searching.




  • do not click this link
  • url parameters
    • speed is ms to small square refresh
    • page is ms between page-preview updates (when the mouse isn't moved)
    • px is pixel size for small-squares (typically 64-512)
    • idle is seconds before random pages are loaded on rhs. If -1 the page is hidden.
  • set the page zoom (ctrl+mouse-wheel) for better demo-day effect
  • the shortcod is used on the homepage:
    • [ demo height="512px" px_size=128 ]




A list of the plug-ins we use:

  • YouTube free provides cookie free video embedding
  • twak's profiles is a hacked version of tk-profiles to provide featured-project functionality
  • twak's projects is tom's dirty plugin for the featured projects page
  • twak's papercite provides an interface to list papers from white rose. Again, full of dirty hacks for integration into our people database.
  • statisfy is server-side (cookie-free / gdpr friendly) stats. You can see the graph on the admin.php homepage
  • Toolkit Shortcodes, Toolkit News were provided by IT