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Isosurface Quality

Isosurface Quality

Once we start working with isosurfaces, we need to start worrying about the trade-offs between speed and quality.
In my case, this started with needing to adapt topological computations from tetrahedral meshes to cubic meshes, but
it rapidly took on a life of it's own. In other words how do we turn a cubic mesh into a tetrahedral mesh,
and what are the side-effects?

Simplicial Subdivisions
Simplicial Artifacts

This led to work on alternate mesh lattices and their marching cases:

BCC Isosurfaces

The question of isosurface accuracy then led me to use geometric and topological arguments to confirm the correct
trilinear cases for Marching Cubes (VolVis 2007 Best Paper Award):

No More MC
Trilinear Subdivision

Other Research Topics:

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Authors from VCG

Hamish Carr