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Fiber Surfaces

Fiber Surfaces

In studying multivariate visualisation, we realised that there was a simple equivalent to isosurfaces. Since this was tied to our work with the mathematical area known as fiber topology, we called them Fiber Surfaces. Most of this work was performed under the EPSRC META grant.

Fiber Surfaces

We then extended it to tetrahedral meshes, to non-closed and self-intersecting surfaces and adapted acceleration techniques:

Nuclear Scission

We also adapted DVR techniques for more complex trilinear interpolation: (Also presented at ACM SIGGRAPH 2017):

Fiber Surface DVR

Finally, this tied back into bivariate topology, and we were able to construct an accurate (non-quantised) algorithm for the volumetric bivariate case: (IEEE Visualization 2016 Best Paper Award, ACM Computing Reviews Best of Computing 2016, Also Presented at ACM SIGGRAPH 2017)

Jacobi Fiber Surfaces

Other Research Topics:

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Scalar Topological Visualisation
Isosurface Acceleration
Isosurface Quality
Direct Volume Rendering
Histograms and Isosurfaces
Topological Comparisons
Multivariate Topology
Aerial Urban LiDAR
Exascale Data Analysis

Authors from VCG

Hamish Carr