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Direct Volume Rendering

Direct Volume Rendering

The second major technique for visualising scalar fields is known as Direct Volume Rendering or DVR. Inevitably, the
question arose whether topological techniques could be integrated into DVR, so we did so:

Topological DVR

Another line of inquiry involved using statistics such as mean and standard deviation to enable low-resolution progressive DVR:

Progressive VR

Subsequently, my previous work on trilinear interpolation caused me to collaborate on acceleration techniques for real-time

BCC Isosurfaces

and on differential histogram tables for accelerating time-varying isosurfaces:

DVR Trilinear

Most recently, this line of interest involved applying DVR techniques with trilinear interpolation to bivariate fields (Also presented at ACM SIGGRAPH 2017):

Fiber Surface DVR

Other Research Topics:

Contour Tree Computation
Scalar Topological Visualisation
Isosurface Acceleration
Isosurface Quality
Histograms and Isosurfaces
Topological Comparisons
Multivariate Topology
Fiber Surfaces
Aerial Urban LiDAR
Exascale Data Analysis

Authors from VCG

Hamish Carr