tutorials at Leeds

List of tutees here. A worse list (‘Faculty & Student Information’ –> List of all tutored students and links to information). SIS used to have a list.

The frequency of meetings changes with the year of the students:

  • First years: once a week in first semester; once a fortnight in semester two.
  • Second years: twice a term
  • Third years & MSc: ?once a term?

The groups are too big for the offices, so try to book a bigger room – every other member of staff will also try to book a bigger room at the same time.

These were meant to mirror Oxbridge’s every-week tutorials-with-academic-content; however at Leeds there is no academic content. Basic goal is then to make friends with the students, so they have a friendly face to turn to if things go wrong (and hopefully you build enough of relationship that they come to you before things go wrong…).

You will meet your new tutees the week before semester one starts. The tstaff mailing list will send out a temporary page containing your tutees. I tend to play games in these sessions. There might be a couple of meetings in the week, and a “party” in the refectory at the end.

Resources for tutorial sessions are scarse. Uni page here, tutor toolkit, random email from FEPS. Some of my sessions:

  • every session: quickly go around everyone and answer: “one thing that’s gone well, one that’s gone badly, and what are you looking forward to”. Good way to quickly gauge mood.
  • introduce some of your research (good communication challenge for you).
  • public speaking (who can talk for 5 minutes with repeating, present a news article, module content, etc…)
  • debate. Break the group in two and have them prepare arguments for and against a particular point (PG’s essays)
  • team work (solve a jigsaw, play Pictionary…)
  • exam technique (go through the past-papers archive before exam season).
  • review a topic that most have issues with (pointers in C, professional use of email…)
  • living in the UK (renting a house, TV licensing, NHS,…)
  • typical computing careers (pay-scales, tax-rates, countries, typical software-engineer vs other roles, video games developer, google’s promotion hierarchy, pay vs. interesting work vs. where you live vs. salary, interviews). link1. link2. leeds destinations. academic flow.
  • the Professional Computing module throws some assessment at the tutorial sessions in the first semester of the first year.
  • debate: are software patents evil? (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13)
  • egoless programming
  • Long Now / Feynmann

There is little incentive for the students to attend (marks or curriculum) and there are no official resources beyond the scant faculty pages. So best keep it fun. Remind them that it’ll be you writing references etc… Luckily there are also very few checks that tutorials take place or are well taught.