FTE (full time equivalent) is a measure of how much time each aspect of your job consumes. They should sum to 1.

typical job breakdown for a new lecturer at Leeds

0.4: teaching

0.4: research

0.1: leadership

0.1: admin


load for various jobs:

teaching: (hearsay)

Teaching a regular module: 0.1

New lecturer teaching a module: 0.4

New lecturer on existing module: 0.2

Each undergraduate or MSc project: 0.025 (2.5%)


leadership positions: (email Jan 2020)

Head of School 0.5 FTE

Deputy Head of School 0.2 FTE

Director of Student Education (DoSE) 0.5 FTE

Assessment Lead (supports DoSE) 0.3 FTE

Director of Studies: handles mit circs, programme changes, student cases etc (supports DosE) 0.2 FTE

Director of Research and Innovation (DoRI) 0.3 FTE

Deputy DoRI 0.1 FTE

Athen Swan Lead 0.1 FTE

Programme managers (BSc/MEng CS, MSc Advanced CS, MEng/MSc HPG, BSc/MSci CSwMaths, BSc AI, MSc AI) (0.05 FTE)

SWJTU Programme Manager 0.2 FTE

PwC Programme Manager 0.05 FTE

Undergraduate Theme Leads: to manage subject streams across years (Discovery, Theory, Graphics, AI, Systems, programming/projects 0.05

Academic Integrity Officer 0.2 FTE

Admissions Tutors x 3 (0.2 FTE each)

Induction Lead (0.05 FTE)

Demonstrator and Tutorial Coordinator

Placement tutor (0.1 FTE)

Access to Leeds Assessor (0.025 FTE)

Accreditation Lead (0.1 FTE)

PGR admissions tutor (0.1 FTE)

Director of Postgraduate Research (0.1 FTE)

International Lead (0.2 FTE))

Research Theme Leads (Algorithms, CSE, DSS, AI, BMH) (0.1 FTE)

Convenor for Industrial Advisory Board (0.02 FTE)

Staff meeting Convenor 0.02 FTE

Library Representative 0.01 FTE