Managing PhDs at Leeds Computing

Grants. Uni grant-writing-overview. For a financial details for a grant, email faculty research. They also like to know the outcome. I suspect we are also meant to tell Tony about past/present/future grants.

Recording publications

  • Symplectic is where you deposit papers you’ve written. You should deposit them within a few months to make sure they’re REF eligible. They are then automatically hosted by…
  • Whiterose. A  paper repository hosted by three universities. Contact via Symplectic.
  • IRIS allows you to annotate research outputs for REF? tracks grants? (I don’t really know?)
    • This is populated autoamtically from Symplectic
    • You can nominate your 4 papers for REF on the “Outputs Review ->Nominate Output column -> check box next to the ones you want to nominate”
    • Through some undisclosed procedure, the nominated outputs are assessed externally. This can be found by clicking “Outputs Review (purple), -> scrolling down -> and clicking the tiny ‘+’ to show the review and assessed REF classification (green)” (Click image to embiggen):

IRIS screen grab