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Marken Ji

Room: 6.20 EC Stoner
Phone: +44(0) 7841181703
Deep learning is the new electricity, which has dramatically reshaped people’s everyday life. I focus on two emerging applications of deep learning- fashion and forensics.
The ubiquity of online fashion shopping demands effective search and recommendation services for customers. To this end, Virtual Try-On Network without using 3D information in any form, which seamlessly transfers a desired clothing item onto the corresponding region of a person using a coarse- to-fine strategy. Conditioned upon a new clothing-agnostic yet descriptive person representation, the framework first generates a coarse synthesized image with the target clothing item overlaid on that same person in the same pose. We further enhance the initial blurry clothing area with a refinement network. The network is trained to learn how much detail to utilize from the target clothing item, and where to apply to the person in order to synthesize a photo-realistic image in which the target item deforms naturally with clear visual patterns.

I would also like to thank my colleagues at the VCG lab, who have enriched my PHD life in many ways and deserve a special mention. He helped me understand various deep learning theories and good practices, I especially enjoyed the time we exchanged our ideas on interesting research projects. Cool people brought me into the world of Hearthstone, when I felt tired after a long time of coding, playing some Hearthstone games with them was always the most relaxing and joyful experience. Enjoy and cherish the time, guys!